RD Wallet
Trusted Multi-currency Business Account for Global Businesses
RD Wallet is a licenced Stored Value Facility in Hong Kong. It is the first business-focused mobile wallet in Hong Kong that supports multiple currencies, providing secure, fast and cost-efficient payment solution for businesses.
100% mobile onboarding

Open a mobile business account anytime, anywhere.

Multiple currencies

Support multiple currencies for both local and cross-border trades, including HKD, CNY, USD, JPY, SGD, EUR, GBP and AUD. You can make payments wherever you are.

Instant settlement for wallet-to-wallet transfers

Receive payments right away via transfer among wallets. Settlement has never been so easy. Enjoy the experience of secure, fast and cost-efficient payment.

For global businesses*

Accepting applications from Hong Kong and overseas businesses*.

*Subject to successful completion of corporate identity verification on RD App and RD Wallet’s internal approval procedures, which include but are not limited to the provision of entity and business information in English for company search. Terms and conditions apply.
HKDR Stablecoin
(Coming Soon)
A Compliant, Trusted, and Transparent HKD Stablecoin for Payments and Beyond
HKDR is a stablecoin 1:1 backed by Hong Kong dollars built on a public chain. It aims to facilitate payments and commerce with trust, stability, and efficiency.

HKDR is committed to serving as a building block of a regulated Web 3.0 ecosystem. RD Technologies will constantly work with regulatory authorities to ensure full compliance with current and future applicable laws and regulations. 


Backed 1:1 by Hong Kong dollars, with highly-liquid and cash-equivalent assets safekept in segregated account of licensed financial institutions.  The public can view the regular attestation reports conducted by independent auditor for details about the reserves.


Built on a decentralised network of public blockchains that operates with high transparency and cost-efficiency.

RD ezLink
Mobile Account Opening and Ongoing Due Diligence Anytime, Anywhere
A customer due diligence utility designed and developed in accordance with banking regulatory standards that makes seamless remote onboarding and effective compliance with ongoing customer due diligence requirements possible.
100% mobile onboarding

From user registration and identity verification, to mandate confirmation and service applications submission, everything can be done on mobile anytime, anywhere.

Real-time updates

Easy, real-time updates for ongoing customer due diligence is just a few taps away.

Banking regulatory standards

Customer due diligence information verified in accordance with the prevailing banking regulatory standards in Hong Kong.

Get It Now

Enjoy easier access to financial services and more efficient business payments!

What's New

Choosing the Right Crypto Wallet: Custodial vs. Non-Custodial Wallets

23 June 2024
When it comes to storing your cryptocurrencies, choosing the right wallet is crucial. Your wallet is a tool for managing and securing your digital assets - custodial vs. non-custodial wallets play a key role.

Product Improvement

19 May 2024
Streamlining RD Wallet’s Key People Workflow and Improving Account Opening Efficiency

Recap and Insights from Money20/20 Asia 2024: Deep Exploration of Globalization Development, RD Technologies Seizes New Opportunities in Asia

14 May 2024
The globally leading fintech exhibition, Money20/20 Asia, was held in Bangkok, Thailand from April 23rd to 25th this year. RD Technologies was invited to attend the exhibition, showcasing our business, vision, and determination to drive fintech innovation and development in Asia.

Web3 April | RD Technologies Event Highlights

15 April 2024
RD Technologies, the financial platform bridging Web2 and Web3, recently participated in a series of Web3 forums and conferences, engaging with the industry to discuss the development of stablecoins in Asia.

Web 3.0 Industry Networking Event: Bringing Together Partners and Industry Leaders, RD Technologies Envisions the Future

4 November 2023
RD Technologies successfully hosted an industry exchange event titled "The Next Wave of Web 3.0 & Fintech Development in Hong Kong", which brought together over hundreds of industry leaders and professionals.

EdgarEmma stands as a beacon of guidance for businesses navigating the complexities of global compliance

15 September 2023
EdgarEmma, aim to enlighten individuals about the nuances of starting a business and the crucial considerations it entails, is at the forefront of endorsing innovative tools like the RD Wallet.

Vita Liberta Fuelling Global Business Success in Hong Kong

11 September 2023
Establishing and operating a business in Hong Kong presents unique challenges for foreign entrepreneurs and small to medium businesses. Vita Liberta, partnering with RD Technologies, will link global commerce to the wealth of opportunities Hong Kong presents.

One-Stop Solution for Every Business Need - CJ Infinity HK Ltd

18 August 2023
Recommending RD Wallet fully demonstrates CJ Infinity’s commitment to providing quality solutions and assisting SMEs in effortlessly opening corporate accounts.

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