13 January 2023
SME Story - Omura Property recommends SMEs to develop their corporate profile on RD ezLink
Omura Property recommends SMEs to develop their corporate profile on RD ezLink

Omura Property help clients make smart investment decisions

Back in 2000s, Omura Property founder Vincent noticed the surge of Hong Kong property prices and the absence of comprehensive and in-depth analysis of the property market. He therefore developed a tool to analyze the prices and investment returns of major residential estates, enabling the public to make informed property investment decisions.


Vincent's experience back in 2000s has become the mission of Omura Property - disrupting the traditional ways of property leasing and sales, and empowering the investment decision making process with robust data analysis. The company also introduced first-in-Hong-Kong "Property Agent of the District" service, connecting buyers with agents who have genuine understanding of the districts that buyers are interested in.


As a Hong Kong company, Omura Property has previously published a book called "Mirage", capturing the history of different locations in Hong Kong. They constantly come up with different design works for their own brand, including the popular Shiba Inu mascot.


In the early stages of starting his business, Vincent, like most small and medium-sized enterprises, faced many difficulties in opening bank accounts and obtaining corporate financing, including lengthy approval processes, back-and-forth trips to bank branches, and submitting documents. After learning about the services of RD ezLink, Vincent believes that it provides an efficient and cost-effective solution to the pain points that small and medium-sized enterprises face. 

Utilize RD ezLink to build your business profile anytime, anywhere

Vincent says he will recommend RD ezLink to the start-ups and SME friends around him, so they can enjoy faster, more convenient, and more cost-effective banking services.

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