RD ezLink Grows Partner Portfolio with Airstar Bank

15 March 2023

(Hong Kong, 15 March 2023) RD ezLink Limited (“RD ezLink”), a member of RD Technologies (“RD Technologies”), announced today that it has reached an intent of cooperation with Airstar Bank Limited (“Airstar Bank”), adding a new member to RD ezLink’s partner banks.

Following the earlier announcements on the partnership with Ant Bank, Bank of East Asia, CMB Wing Lung Bank, Standard Chartered Hong Kong, and ZA Bank, RD ezLink introduced an additional business partner - Airstar Bank, which aims to use RD ezLink to enhance the efficiency of its digital banking services and to enable customers to carry out remote identification and verification easily even when they are abroad, so as to fulfil the requirements for bank account opening and ongoing due diligence  for corporate customers, when Airstar Bank develops its corporate banking business in future. 


RD ezLink is a fully digitised corporate identity verification solution that allows remote verification of identity proofs and documents as well as business registration documents issued by various countries and regions. It also enables verification of the shareholder and ownership structure as well as the identity of key personnel of a business for banks in accordance with the prevailing regulatory banking standards, significantly boosting the efficiency of bank account opening and ongoing due diligence of banks. 

Norman Chan, Chairman of RD ezLink, said, “We are pleased to have Airstar Bank partnering with RD ezLink. The verified RD ezLink profile of a business can serve as a Corporate ID. With one single mobile app, a business can share its Corporate ID with multiple banks and financial institutions, freeing from the hassle of repeated procedures. This will not only make account opening and corporate information updating faster and easier for businesses, but also enhance the efficiency of banks in servicing SMEs, which facilitates financial inclusion.”


Justin Hu, Chief Executive and Executive Director of Airstar Bank, said, “We deeply understand the account opening experience of SMEs are closely linked to the know-your-customer and anti-money laundering procedures of banks. Airstar Bank has been committed to promoting financial inclusion and providing more innovative and efficient Fintech services for customers. We believe that the partnership with RD ezLink would enable us to enhance the experience of our customers when we develop  corporate banking services in future, making more convenient and hassle-free banking services possible for our customers.”

In consideration of multiple needs for business and operation, businesses often use services from more than one bank or financial institution. As a result, they have to provide the same set of documents and other relevant information to multiple banks and financial institutions for account opening and service maintenance, making access to financial services complicated. 

By creating a verified RD ezLink profile, business owns a Corporate ID, through which it can explore the channels to get access to services from multiple banks and financial institutions via one single mobile app, achieving “one tap, multiple banks, infinite opportunities”.  RD ezLink features full digitalisation of corporate identity verification. With RD ezLink, business owners who are abroad may also remotely create and update its Corporate ID anytime, making “KYCU – Belongs to you” a reality. 


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About RD Technologies

RD Technologies deploys innovative fintech to build a business world interconnected by trust. Based in Hong Kong, the global crossroad of capital and goods, RD Technologies was born out of a mission to make things easier and cheaper for businesses in their cross-border payments and access to financial services with our unique RD ezLink and RD Wallet services. 

Developed by RD ezLink Limited, a member of RD Technologies Group, RD ezLink is an innovative platform featuring fully digitised corporate identity verification and data analytics capabilities. In partnership with banks, financial institutions, and business associations, etc., RD ezLink aims to promote financial inclusion by elevating the customer experience in accessing financial services and in raising the cost-effectiveness of financial institutions in doing SME businesses while meeting the regulatory KYC requirement.

A member of RD Technologies Group, RD Wallet Technologies Limited holds the Stored Value Facility licence granted by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (SVF0016). RD Wallet enables businesses to make secure, fast and efficient payments in multiple currencies 24/7, while Round Dollar (RDU), an innovative unit of account that comprises of RMB, JPY and HKD, helps manage foreign exchange risks more effectively.  Every unit of Round Dollar consists of 47 RMB, 550 JPY and 25 HKD.

For details: https://rd.group

About Airstar Bank

Airstar Bank Limited is a jointly established entity by Xiaomi Corporation, global smart manufacturing company with innovative technology connected by IoT platform, and AMTD Group, Asia’s leading comprehensive financial services conglomerate. Airstar Bank has been granted a banking license by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority on 9 May 2019. The Bank upholds the virtue of financial inclusion and strives to become a “Bank for Everyone” by making cutting edge virtual banking services accessible at our customers’ fingertips.