RD Wallet Kicks Off Pilot Run Hong Kong’s First Business-Focused, Multiple-Currency Mobile Wallet

6 March 2023

(Hong Kong, 6 March 2023) RD Wallet Technologies Limited (“RD Wallet”) under RD Technologies (“RD Technologies”) Group announced to kick off its pilot run today, offering deposits, local and cross-border payments, as well as foreign exchange services to business customers.

RD Wallet is a licenced Stored Value Facility in Hong Kong. It is the first business-focused mobile wallet that supports multiple currencies, providing secure, fast and cost-efficient payment solution for businesses. During the pilot run period, RD Wallet supports HKD, RMB, JPY, USD and EUR; it will support some more different currencies soon to make cross-border trade payments easier for businesses. RD Wallet will also launch a new accounting unit "Round Dollar" to help businesses manage foreign exchange risks. Composed of RMB, JPY and HKD, every unit of Round Dollar consists of 47 RMB, 550 JPY and 25 HKD.

Norman Chan, Chairman, RD Wallet, said, “We are pleased that RD Wallet has entered into another milestone by kicking off its pilot run and serving the business customers today. This is a result of the team’s dedication. RD Wallet is the first business-focused mobile wallet in Hong Kong and it supports currencies commonly used in regional trade. RD Wallet will be launching Round Dollar, a new accounting unit, that helps businesses manage foreign exchange risks more effectively. “

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About RD Technologies

RD Technologies deploys innovative fintech to build a business world interconnected by trust. Based in Hong Kong, the global crossroad of capital and goods, RD Technologies was born out of a mission to make things easier and cheaper for businesses in their cross-border payments and access to financial services with our unique RD ezLink and RD Wallet services.

Developed by RD ezLink Limited, a member of RD Technologies Group, RD ezLink is an innovative platform featuring fully-digitised corporate identity verification and data analytics capabilities. In partnership with banks, financial institutions, and business associations, etc., RD ezLink aims to promote financial inclusion by elevating the customer experience in accessing financial services and in raising the cost-effectiveness of financial institutions in doing SME businesses while meeting the regulatory KYC requirement.

A member of RD Technologies Group, RD Wallet Technologies Limited holds the Stored Value Facility licence granted by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (SVF0016). RD Wallet enables businesses to make secure, fast and efficient payments in multiple currencies 24/7, while Round Dollar (RDU), an innovative unit of account that comprises of RMB, JPY and HKD, helps manage foreign exchange risks more effectively.  Every unit of Round Dollar consists of 47 RMB, 550 JPY and 25 HKD.

For details: https://rd.group