RD Wallet secures SVF Licence from The Hong Kong Monetary Authority

19 December 2022

Hong Kong, 19th December 2022 - RD Wallet Technologies Limited (“RD Wallet”), a Hong Kong-based e-wallet operator offering payment services to corporates, announced today that it has been granted the Stored Value Facility (“SVF”) licence by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority.


RD Wallet is a fast, safe and cost-efficient B2B electronic payment platform, which will facilitate cross-border trade as it supports currencies commonly used in regional trade. Round Dollar(圓幣), an innovative unit of account comprising Renminbi, Japanese Yen and Hong Kong Dollar, will also be introduced to RD Wallet which  help corporates better manage foreign exchange risks. 


Norman Chan, Chairman of RD Wallet, said: “After two years of hard work and preparation, we are pleased that RD Wallet has now been granted the licence and is ready for business launch. By making use of the latest technologies to address the longstanding pain points of SMEs, such as difficulties in bank account opening and inefficient cross-border payment, we hope to be able to contribute to Hong Kong’s position as Asia’s trade and settlement hub.”


Daniel Tian, Chief Executive Officer of RD Wallet, added: “The grant of the SVF licence is an important milestone that enables us to achieve our mission of delivering a safe and customer-centric e-wallet platform for SMEs. Through the application of advanced technologies, RD Wallet offers numerous cutting-edge payment and ancillary functions. We look forward to launching the RD Wallet soon to provide quality and efficient payment services to SMEs.”


The fast and safe RD Wallet’s all-digital B2B payment platform will soon be available to corporate customers. The launch date will be announced shortly.


About RD Wallet

RD Wallet Technologies Limited holds the Stored Value Facility licence granted by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority. “RD Wallet” enables businesses to make fast, efficient and safe payments in multiple currencies securely and 24/7, while Round Dollar Unit (RDU), an innovative unit of account that comprises Renminbi, Japanese Yen and Hong Kong Dollar, helps to manage foreign exchange risks more effectively.


Learn more about RD Wallet at https://www.rd.group.


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