Swapifly to use RD ezLink and RD Wallet Solutions - Saving Corporate Verification Costs and Enhancing Business Payment Efficiency

18 January 2023

(Hong Kong, 18 January 2023) RD Technologies announced today its collaboration with Swapifly Limited (Swapifly), a Hong Kong based marketplace for the resale of pre-owned items. Swapifly will adopt RD ezLink’s corporate identity verification service to verify the identity of its merchants to save verification costs and accelerate merchant onboarding. Swapifly’s registered merchants will be able to make business payments in multiple currencies through RD Wallet. They will also be able to enjoy instant settlements through in-wallet transfers, which significantly enhancing business efficiency. 

Established in Hong Kong, Swapifly is an online classified marketplace with a primary focus on the resale of limited-edition items, luxury goods, electronics, life and beauty products, cars, and properties. It allows buyers and sellers worldwide to sell or source limited edition items and their favourites easily. Powered by robust artificial intelligence technology, Swapifly enables merchants to reach out to target buyers precisely and to optimise their business operations effectively. 

Corporate Identity Verification and Business Payment Are Essential to E-Commerce Businesses

With the aim to develop a trustworthy marketplace, Swapifly introduces a merchant registration system, which allows merchants with trustworthy corporate information to register as merchants and enhances buyer’s confidence in the platform. Swapifly also recognises that a secure, fast, and cost-efficient business payment tool will bring enormous benefits to its merchants and buyers who wish to trade in various currencies. 

Using RD ezLink Verification Number to Save Verification Cost

RD ezLink is a fully digitised corporate identity verification solution that verifies the corporate identity of a business in accordance with the prevailing regulatory banking standards for banks, financial institutions, and various organisations. Every single business verified by RD ezLink will be issued a unique verification number. Swapifly and other organisations can simply conduct a company search using the RD ezLink verification number and confirm that the corporate information provided is trustworthy; they can also have access to registration documents with consent by businesses. The use of RD ezLink verification number saves the additional costs of numerous company searches and shortens the time required for corporate identity verification.

Instant Settlements Anytime and Anywhere

RD Wallet is a secure, fast, and cost-efficient payment tool for businesses to make local and cross-border payments anytime, anywhere. Businesses can enjoy instant settlements through simple in-wallet transfers. RD Wallet supports multiple currencies, while businesses can also manage foreign exchange risks by using “Round Dollar” as units of account. RD Wallet will be available to all registered merchants of Swapifly, regardless of sole proprietorship, limited companies, or start-ups, when their corporate identities are verified. Registered merchants will be able to use RD Wallet to manage cash flow, save remittance costs, and enhance their local and cross-border payment efficiency. 

Joseph Yuen, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Swapifly, said, “Swapifly’s robust analytics capability boosts business efficiency for merchants. Meanwhile, we attach great importance to the experience of both buyers and sellers; we also recognise that corporate identity verification and business payments are essential to the development for Swapifly and our merchants. RD ezLink and RD Wallet are important partners for e-commerce businesses. They save costs and enhance efficiency for us.” 

Daniel Tian, Chief Executive Officer, RD Technologies, commented, “We have seen businesses accelerating their digital transformation in recent years, and we have been witnessing FinTech creating opportunities for businesses in the finance and e-commerce sectors. RD ezLink helps businesses build trust with various organisations in the digital economy era. Besides, as a licenced Stored Value Facility in Hong Kong, RD Wallet is one of the important tools supporting businesses in building trading connections in a more secure and cost-efficient way. We are pleased to contribute to the development of a business world interconnected by trust together with Swapifly.” 

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About RD ezLink

Developed by RD ezLink Limited, a member of RD Technologies, RD ezLink is an innovative platform featuring fully-digitised corporate identity verification and data analytics capabilities. In partnership with banks, other financial institutions, business associations, etc. RD ezLink aims to promote financial inclusion by elevating the customer experience in accessing financial services and in raising the cost-effectiveness of financial institutions in doing SME businesses while meeting the regulatory KYC requirement. Learn more about RD ezLink at https://www.rd.group.

About RD Wallet

RD Wallet Technologies Limited holds the Stored Value Facility licence granted by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority. RD Wallet enables businesses to make fast, efficient, and safe payments in multiple currencies securely and 24/7, while Round Dollar Unit (RDU), an innovative unit of account that comprises Renminbi, Japanese Yen, and Hong Kong Dollar, helps to manage foreign exchange risks more effectively.

About Swapifly

Swapifly Limited is a Hong Kong based classified online marketplace. The platform primarily focusses on rare and luxury resale, leverage A.I. and big data to provide listing competitiveness, consumer modeling and loyalty rewards. Swapifly is to bring quality consumer data from the 6 categories (Limited, Luxury, Electronics, Home & Beauty, Cars, Property) for corresponding advertisers. The marketplace will also extend for virtual product sellers from metaverse exchange to the physical world by blockchain technology. Swapifly operates in Hong Kong and a number of Asia markets as well as oversea countries with Chinese immigrants. For more information about Swapifly, please visit: htttps://www.swapifly.com