RD ezLink Corporate ID

The global Corporate ID for business identification and tracking that builds trust of your customers and partners via RD ezLink Verification.
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Building trust with RD ezLink
Banks, financial institutions, and organizations with KYC requirements on corporates can identify and verify a business easily with RD ezLink. “Corporate ID”, which is owned, created and managed by the business, is verified in accordance with the prevailing regulatory requirements and banking standards. “Corporate ID” also includes evidence and supporting materials of the verification, facilitating the building of trust between businesses and financial institutions.
Verified under Regulatory Requirements and Banking Standards
RD ezLink identifies and verifies the entity details, business details, shareholding / ownership structure, and key personnel and ultimate owners of a business in accordance with the prevailing regulatory requirements and banking standards. The high level of verification standards enables businesses to gain easier, quicker and more cost-efficient access to many innovative financial and corporate services.
1. Up-to-date

You may verify a business with up-to-date information based on your ongoing and occasional needs, all made possible by the easy and user-friendly mobile interface of the RD ezLink profile development tool.

2. Anytime, anywhere

Every business verified via RD ezLink is assigned a unique serial number. You can check the verification of a business’ entity information at no cost, anytime and anywhere, simply by a RD ezLink number check.

3. Just a Few Taps

You can get access to verification information, evidence and supporting materials for your corporate KYC needs across multiple channels. Verification has never been so easy!

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